Comment policy

(This sure seems pretentious, to start by putting up an officious comment policy. However, if this does end up being a huge success, it will be easier to find it if it's right at the end of the archive. Never hurts to think ahead just a bit).

For the time being, new comments on old posts are welcome and solicited. Just don't expect an immediate response. For that matter, don't expect immediate responses for new comments of new post. My past record in responding to things such as email is less than stellar, so even with the best of intentions I probably shouldn't be making any promises here.

If you just want to get into contact with me and your point is not related to any particular posting, please use email instead of commenting on a random post. I make no promises to answer email within any reasonable timeframe, but that is no worse than for comments.

Please imagine that the next paragraph is written in lawyery all-caps. I do not plan to have to invoke it, but might if a troll or spammer shows up.

I reserve the right to censor any comment without warning, without apology, and without any attempt at fairness or consistency. Freedom of speech means you get to start your own blog or website, not that you have any inherent right to speak here.

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