Dear Abby

Normally I don't read this kind of thing. But the Evil HR Lady mentioned Dear Abby, with a link that I was feeling bored enough to click.

Today, on her front page Abby is relaying a plea from a group of people who use speech synthesizers. They write:

  1. Please be patient. It takes us a little bit longer to get our messages out than it does you.
  2. Feel free to ask questions. Don't pretend to understand us if you don't.
  3. Do not think we are stupid. Have you ever tried to communicate using one of these things?
  4. If it looks like we're having trouble, ask if we need help.
  5. Treat us like adults – just as you would want to be treated.

and so forth. Abby's response?

I'm pleased to help spread the word. For people who are vocally challenged, you have written an eloquent letter. [...]

Since when is the bar for written eloquence supposed to be lower because the writer can't speak? Has Abby actually read point 3 in the letter she's reprinting? Mysteries abound.

Dear Abby: Well put. For a woman, you write pretty neat yourself.