trackmap.net: Even more Berlin, etc.

I have updated trackmap.net with yet another Berlin track map: map 'BeN', showing lines north of Gesundbrunnen as far as Velten, Löwenberg, and Bernau. A few very minor changes to the existings maps BeA and BeO were mad as I researched the new map.

While I was drawing I got an email from Finn Arildsen with updates to Odderbanen on map 'G'. Because I already had everything open, I had an updated map published 13 minutes after the timestamp on his initial email. I think that's pretty good going, considering my history of letting emails about trackmap.net sit unresponded-to for years and years.

Finally, as the new double track between København H and Ny Ellebjerg is nearing completion I noticed a crossover in the field that I hadn't been aware of plans for. Now shown on map 'A' just south of the klargøringscenter shed, this makes the track layout for the new approaches rather more senseful.

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