Updated: track map for Copenhagen

Look, an update at dk.trackmap.net! Yes, I am in fact still alive. Amazing, huh?

Specifically, I have updated map A with some news in central Copenhagen:

  • The fourth platform track past Dybbølsbro opened last August. High time, one might say -- it has been more than ten years in the making!
  • Two new tracks between København H and Ny Ellebjerg are nearing completion, on ground that was formerly occupied by the approach to the freight yard and large parts of the freight yard itself. Said freight yard is now a shadow of its former self, and currently handles no freight at all. It is still connected by a temporary track from the central stration (since locomotives must move to and from the locomotive depot at the freight yard), and when the new line opens the remnants of the freight yard will be connected to it.
  • At the beginning the new line will just be used to increase capacity between København H and Hvidovre Fjern, where the platforms at Valby currently limit capacity when regional trains call there. Eventually, however, it will become the first part of a brand new high-speed line (such as it goes in Denmark, where 250 km/h is "high speed") to Ringsted. I've added an outline of that new line to the map, especially with some details about its intermediate station Køge Nord with a transfer possibility to the S-train lines.
  • Some storage tracks for regional trains at Østerport added to the map. They've been there for years, but I haven't got around to mapping them until now.
  • The S-train tracks at Ny Ellebjerg are not shown as being under construction. They opened in the winter of 2006-2007.
Other minor changes: The airport branch if the metro is not shown as under construction anymore; it opened in September 2007. The schematic on the map is still the one I got from the Metro company early in planning; I'll have to go out there and verify it sometime...

Also, the overview map has been updated to reflect the above changes.

By the way, trackmap.net was inaccessible for a week and a half during April, because I'd forgotten to pay the domain name fees. The domain is now renewed, and the problem should not reoccur before 2014 ...

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