Xcftools 1.0.6: Murphy strikes again

What gives? Just a few hours after I released xcftools 1.0.5, I hit another bug myself. It turns out xcftools would malfunction for canvas-sized layers that have a layer mask but no alpha channel. And while looking through the code for the right place to fix this, I discovered yet another bug sitting in the code.

So here is version 1.0.6, the second patch release in 24 hours. Quite some interesting times to live in, given that nothing happened to the software for three full years previously.

The source tarball is a http://henning.makholm.net/xcftools/xcftools-1.0.6.tar.gz. Its SHA-1 checksum is 1cda6fb03116028a516e87c25113a1d61338703b. And here's a digital signature:



While I was at it, I changed the licensing of xcftools from GPL-2 to Public Domain.

Now I wonder what I'm going to discover a few hours from now ...

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