Trackmap.net changelog

Back in 1996 when the web was young I started a website to host my collection of railway track diagrams. It eventually became trackmap.net. It has updated in fits and starts – the last time it did so was in early 2006 – but I still plan to get time to do updates in the future, such as the maps from this summer's Frankfurt trip.

Despite the irregular updates, trackmap.net was probably my main claim to Internet fame, until I wrote xcftools (which, incidentally exists solely because I needed it for producing track maps easier). Up until now, I have updated a static recent changes page whenever I did something – but seriously, nobody is going to look at that very often to see if there's any news, what with the multi-year hiatuses.

But perhaps some readers would find it useful to subscribe to an RSS/Atom feed for updates to trackmap.net and have their feed reader check it quietly for them? That sounds like a plan. So here is what I'll do: Every time I update trackmap.net (or its subsites) in the future, I'll post about it on this very blog, with the label "trackmap.net".

The label search page becomes the new changelog page, and the feed for new updates is here (Atom) or here (RSS). (Note: These feeds will show only posts related to track maps. If you select the Blogger-provided feed link in the navigation bar, you will get my full blog feed where I blather about various other topics at irregular intervals).

Old changes are still at http://dk.trackmap.net/news.

This posting serves to populate the trackmap.dk labels such that the links just given will not be empty.